We founded Sift in 2015 around the idea that the unique set of apps each of us has installed on our smartphones is like a digital fingerprint of who we are and our interests.


So we set out on a mission to collect this data for every smartphone user. Now with more than 2.1 billion unique profiles of smartphone users around the world, we leverage all of this data and advanced AI & machine learning algorithms to
sift through 50 billion mobile ad requests daily in order to hyper-target
app install ads for our clients.

“The average smartphone user has 41 apps installed.”
— Nielsen

Sift's Team

Sift's team is comprised of mobile & adtech veterans from mobile content pioneer Motricity (IPO in 2010) and mobile app ad network Appia (acquired in 2015).

Jud Bowman
Founder & CEO

Slawek Pruchnik
Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Jesper Rasmussen
Co-founder, Chief Software Architect

Aaron Schwager
Co-founder, Lead Software Engineer

Chris Shull

Sofia Pruchnik
Accounting & Finance

Jason Qiao
Managing Director, China

Nathan Mapes
Director of Product

Brian Risk
Senior Software Engineer & Data Scientist

Dylan Li
Technical Account Manager, China

Bill Edwards
Technical Account Manager, China

Mary Clair Thompson
Software Engineer & Data Scientist

Thomas Daniels
Software Engineer

Justin Mirch
Technical Account Manager

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Sift's Board of Directors

Jud Bowman
Founder & CEO

Slawek Pruchnik
Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

Robert Long
Board Member

Steve Nelson
Board Member

Sift's Investors

In January 2016, Sift announced $3.25 million in seed funding led by Wakefield Group, with participation from Piedmont Capital, Alerion Ventures, IDEA Fund Partners, and several angel investors.