Sift operates at the intersection of mobile and big data. We sift through more than 1 trillion mobile ad requests each month which are auctioned on the
RTB exchanges from more than 2 billion smartphone users globally.
Sift's platform is built for this massive scale.

Sift's platform processes over 600k bid requests per second from our 11 RTB exchange partners across 180 countries. We cross reference and enhance each ad request with Sift's user profile data store, which currently contains more than 1.4 billion profiles and is expanding rapidly. From there, we run through our decisioning algorithms to select the best campaign to deliver to that user. We do all of this in under 120 ms, with a less than 0.1% timeout rate. All impression, click, install, and post-install data is then used to improve our decisioning algorithms in near real-time, so we are always able to make the best decisions for advertisers, while delivering a great user experience for our viewers.